Please allow us to share a little of Brooke’s story.

Brooke, charged with energy, life and intelligence developed a love for the ocean, diving and, in particular, surfing.

Surfing and the ocean became an even more integral part of her life when she acquired a job with Ohana Surf Shop and became one of their team riders. Brooke threw herself into Ohana’s community service work, especially Surfers For Autism and The Special Olympics.

On Labor Day 2012, Brooke was hanging out with some friends on a dock just kidding around. Being an avid water-person,

she launched a dive into the water. What she didn't realize is that the turbid water was only knee deep. Brooke struck bottom, fractured her neck and immediately suffered paralysis. She underwent emergency surgery and has been progressing slowly with limited restoration of sensation and movement in her lower extremities since then. Brooke is an upbeat person by nature and has continued to keep spirits high, despite her injury. She is very well liked in the community, receiving support from her many friends.  


Recovering from such injuries is never an easy, short-term thing. It takes strong commitment, patience and money to fund rehabilitation, especially over an extended period of time. Brooke spent several weeks in Trauma ICU until she was stable enough to continue on to rehabilitation at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta. During her six months of traditional rehabilitation, Brooke’s progress was slow. Now she is home and continuing her rehabilitation five days a week at a progressive facility.

She walks with robotic legs, uses electric stimulation to ride a bike, works on balance and lifts weights to increase strength

and independence. Recently Brooke has begun hyperbaric oxygen treatments to reduce the swelling in her spinal cord. Insurance does not cover her rehabilitation or hyperbaric oxygen treatments, which total $300 per day. Over the past 10

months Brooke has not only focused on her recovery, but also worked to complete high school and graduate with her

class with plans to attend college.


Brooke is a free spirit, a giving person and a child of the ocean. It would be great to see her surfing again soon.

With your support, her hard work in rehabilitation, and good fortune, it may come to pass.


Thank you for your donation consideration.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Alison Thabit at (561) 302-7603.





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